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My Life Opportunities


At My Life Opportunities we create opportunities for people to take part in things they enjoy doing.

We offer a wide range of meaningful person-centred activities for all ages and abilities, including people with special educational needs and disabilities.

From creative arts to music, horticulture, bushcraft, equine and animal care, cookery, woodwork and more, choose what you’d like to do, either for a full or half day!

Receive your own personalised plan of exciting opportunities and get regular progress reviews too. Whatever you’d like to do, we’ll adapt any activity to your needs!

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My Life Opportunities, Thompson House Equestrian Centre, Off Pepper Lane, Standish, WN6 0PP
01257 472900
Send email 01257 472900

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We offer a wide range of activities, giving you the opportunity to develop new skills and independence, make new friends and build your confidence.

Whether you fancy the relaxation of mindfulness and yoga, or the adventure of bush craft, there is nothing that our members can’t do if they want to.

We will adapt any activity to your needs. We’ll even create new activities, just for you!

You can choose from the below – and much, much more.

Stable Management and Small Animals

Learn everything there is to know about horses and get hands on with our equine friends and smaller animals down on our farm.

Bush Craft and Outdoor Education

Be inspired, achieve and develop your confidence through these hands-on learning experiences in our own beautiful woodland setting.

Equine Assisted Therapy

Take some time out with our horses in an environment designed to promote emotional growth and learning.


Improve your skills and excel your talents in this exciting creative field. All the world is a stage!

Yoga and Mindfulness 

Relax, as we create a safe space to explore both mind and body.


Enjoy the opportunity to play multiple instruments in different musical situations, genres, and styles.

Dog Grooming, Walking, Care, Health and Nutrition

Enjoy exercising by walking our furry friends, as well as exploring local areas and those farther afield. You’ll also learn the different grooming skills needed for our various breeds of dogs, how to care for them and how they need to live and eat to stay healthy.

Creative Arts

Explore your own creativity and make a variety of works of art by experimenting with different art mediums and materials.

Equine and Animals

Learn about all aspects of animal care, from feeding and grooming, to maintenance and enrichment, on our own farm!

On the Farm and Pet Portraits

Spend time learning about and caring for our farm animals and pooches in our Doggy Day Care. Experiment with a range of different artistic techniques to create portraits of them and our occasional special guests, like this owl and his friends!

Horticulture and Small Animals

Learn where our food comes from, how it gets to our plates and how we can manage the world’s resources in a more sustainable way. Spend time with our smaller animals, learning how to care for them and keep them healthy.

Cooking with Head Chef Paul

Learn a variety of tips and techniques from Head Chef of The Stable Door Cafe & Ice Cream Parlour, Paul Plumbley. Discover all there is to know about healthy eating, try new ingredients and cook up the most mouth-watering dishes!

Prop Making and Set Design

Design and build props for our many events and productions! Use your imagination and learn techniques used in the world of Theatre, Film, Photography and Television.

Workshop and Maintenance

Learn new maintenance skills, either within our fully kitted up workshop or in the real-life environment of our sites. Get creative as we upcycle and repurpose by-products, waste materials and useless or unwanted products into new items!

Quiz and Karaoke

This is where many friendships are cemented, as we enjoy a good sing song and test our knowledge, with My Life’s famous Quiz!


Learn the key techniques involved in the art of floristry – and all about the beautiful varieties of flowers too. From bouquets to button holes, corsages, garlands and more, we’ve made many a friend’s day with our floral creations!

Healthy Eating and Lifestyle

Discover what makes our bodies tick, from nutrition to exercise and relaxation. What do we need to do to stay healthy?

Football and Sports at Standish Leisure Centre

Enjoy a wide range of sports at Standish Leisure Centre, develop new skills and learn how to work as a team in the process! 

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0-4 years old
5-11 years old
11-16 years old
16-19 years old
19-25 years old