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Bee Unique Autism


BEE UNIQUE is the vision of Nadia Shaw and Dave Parsons. Being the parents and carers to two amazing non verbal little boys, both diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition with Associated Learning Difficulties, we have created 

BEE UNIQUE to embrace, educate and entertain those diagnosed with and those engaged in the medical diagnosis of Autism. As we know that this comes with incredible blessings as well as incredible challenges. 

But we could not have done this without the unfaltering support of Natalie and Martin McCarron who have been through this journey every step of the way. 

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Our Purpose

 To relieve the needs of those diagnosed with Autism and those who are currently engaged in the medical diagnosis of Autism and their immediate families and carers in England in particular, but not exclusively, by the provision of support and recreational activities. 

Charity registered in England & Wales. Registration No: 1193559

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0-4 years old
5-11 years old
11-16 years old
16-19 years old
19-25 years old